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OCLC, Law Libraries of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, the Library Hotel law suit, the Patriot Act, the Freedom of Information Act, the First Amendment, writing: science fiction, short stories, critiques, reviews, RPG adventure modules, skiing, falconry, libraries: academic, special, presidential, congressional, legal, books, illustrators: Moebius, food, wine, pez dispensers, science fiction, short stories, childrens books, museums, art, theatre, rock and roll, volkswagons: bus, karmen ghia, super beetle, drag racing, rally racing, formula one, mountain bikes, dragons, the occult, freemasonry, secrets, lies, politics, power, human psychology, movies, animation, comic books, tee-shirts, ms pacman, pinball, webpage design, cartoons: Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, Felix the Cat, Lupo the Butcher, Boba Fett, Spider Man, copywrite laws, mergers and acquisitions, stout beer: Guiness, Anchor Steam, La Bohemiah, Paris, Amsterdamn, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, Pittsburgh, flying, kite making, sailing (rarely), Tahoe, swimming in Tahoe, hiking at Tahoe, skiing at Tahoe, mtn biking at Tahoe, chilling at Tahoe. and a few things not worth mentioning here ~fin~